O Levels June Holidays Course

Improve your grades and ACE your exams!

Ex-MOE teacher Ms. Hazel is conducting an exclusive Chemistry Crash Course!

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*Limited seats only

A Levels June Holidays Course

Improve your grades and ACE your exams!

Ex-MOE JC Lecturer Mr. Max is conducting an exclusive Chemistry Crash Course!

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*Limited seats only


Chemistry Tuition Singapore

O Levels Chemistry Tuition

We have small group tuition classes for Sec 3 – 5 Chemistry. Chemistry Tutor Mr. Joel Liu will prepare students to ACE their Chemistry exams. He has prepared very powerful notes to make Chemistry easy for our students. Click here to see a sample of our proprietary notes! With more than 10 years of experience, he will show students how to spot questions during their exams. Sign up for his classes now!

Chemistry Crash Course

We are having a Crash Course in the June Holidays in 2016. Find out more here!

A Levels Chemistry Tuition

We have small group H2 Chemistry tuition classes to prepare JC 1-2 Chemistry students for their A Levels Chemistry exams. Chemistry Tutor Mr. Joel Liu and Mr. Max Lai will make learning chemistry fun and easy! See what he does during his lessons here! He has guided many A Levels Chemistry students to success for their exams and their testimonials really shows how much they appreciate his help. Sign up for his classes below.

Find out more about our JC Chemistry Tuition classes here.

June Holidays – Crash Course

We are having a A Levels Crash Course in June to prepare students for their mid year Common Tests. Find out more here!

Our crash courses has even been featured in the Straits Times!

1-1 Home Tuition

We also offer home tuition for students that prefer 1-1 teaching. We work with a select group of high quality tutors. These chemistry tutors are responsible, reliable and excellent teachers. We only have a small handful of these tutors and they typically get fully booked very quickly. Sign up below to request for one!

Why Choose Us?

Proven Track Record

Our tutors are very experienced and have great track records! Chemistry Tutor Mr. Joel Liu has more than 10 years of teaching experience and has guided many students to great improvements in their grades.


We build positive relationships with all our students to ensure our teachings have maximum effect. Once students build positive rapport with a teacher, they will be more likely to do well. Our testimonials show the positive impact on our students. We also have many referrals which shows how much our students and parents trust us!



At Bright Culture, we know that motivated students can truly produce astonishing results. That’s why we seek to motivate all students to do their best, not just in their exams but in life! Other than the usual Chemistry Tuition lessons, we also inspire them with motivational stories to make studying less boring. Exam times are really tough on the children but we will motivate them!


Proprietary Notes

In our Chemistry Tuition Classes, we provide secret, powerful and specially designed notes that will give our students the edge in their exams. By studying our secret sauce Chemistry tuition Notes, they are sure to improve on their Chemistry grades. Here are some samples of our notes!


Ms. Hazel

Ms. Hazel

Ms Hazel is a dedicated teacher who specialises in teaching secondary school chemistry. She has accumulated over 6 years of teaching experience, in government schools and later as a full time tutor. Over the years, she has come up with her own teaching philosophy. She believes that a good teacher should possess traits such as patience and professionalism. She also believes that every individual possesses different level of understanding and she plans her lessons to cater to the needs of individual students. She was previously a pure science (Chemistry /Physics/ Biology) student with straight ‘A’s for Sciences. Having gone through the rigorous Singapore education system, Ms Hazel is passionate about making Chemistry understandable for all. She graduated with a Bach. of Science (NUS- Chemistry) and Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (NIE)
Ms. Claire

Ms. Claire

Ms Claire Lim has been a dedicated Chemistry Tutor since 2009 with more than 6 years of teaching experience. She is extremely passionate about Chemistry, she fully understands the challenges students face in the subject. She strongly believes that an interactive and dynamic environment is the only way that students can thrive in understanding the subject. Being more than just a mentor in Chemistry to her students, she puts in extra effort to develop them holistically. Claire Lim graduated from NUS with a Honours degree in Chemistry from the Faculty of Science.
Mr Joel Liu

Mr Joel Liu

Mr. Joel Liu’s youthful exterior masks more than 12 years of tutoring experience. Having taught more than hundreds of students, he has developed unique techniques to engage, motivate and inspire his students to ace their examinations! Since graduation from NUS, he has been a full time chemistry tutor and has not looked back since. Seeing his students improve motivates him tremendously. During lessons, he is always figuring out what problems students have and how to best explain concepts to them! One of his students improved from F9 to A1 in just 10 months!

Mr. Max Lai

JC Teacher

Mr. Max Lai has 4 years of experience lecturing at a top Junior College in Singapore. He studied at a prestigious overseas university after graduating from Raffles Junior College with straight As. His students love his energetic, humorous lessons and his crystal clear explanations of tough Chemistry concepts.


Look at the impact we made and the AMAZING improvement that our students displayed! We are really happy that after all the hard work they put in, they are enjoying the improvement in results! See even more reviews and testimonials here



28 Siglap Drive S(456154) Accessible by Bus 32 and 42. 15 mins walk from Kembangan MRT


201B Thomson Road Goldhill Centre. S(307637) 3 minutes walk from Novena MRT

O Levels Chemistry Tuition Fees

S$298 /4 lessons of 2 hours
  • No additional materials or registration fees.

A Levels Chemistry Tuition

$380/4 lessons of 2 hours
  • No additional materials or registration fees.

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Class size is 10 students per class. Limited seats left and our classes gets full very quickly.

Hurry get your preferred timeslot now!


*Paid Trial. If you are still considering, come for 1 paid trial lesson. No strings attached and no commitment required! Students still get the special notes for that lesson.

  • Sec 3 – Mon 730 to 930 (Ms. Hazel)
  • Sec 3 – Thurs 415 to 615 (Mr. Joel)
  • Sec 4 – Mon 530 to 730 (Ms. Hazel)
  • Sec 4 – Wed 4 to 6 (Mr. Joel)
  • Sec 4 – Wed 730 to 930 (Mr. Joel)
  • Sec 4 – Sat 11 to 1 (Ms. Claire)
  • Sec 4 – Sat 230 to 430 (Mr. Joel)
  • Sec 4 – Sat 230 to 430 (Ms. Hazel)
  • JC 2 – Fri 630 to 830 (Mr. Max)
  • JC 2 – Sat 1130 to 130 (Mr. Joel)
  • Sec 3 – Sun 130 to 330 (Mr. Joel)
  • Sec 4 – Sun 330 to 530 (Mr. Joel)
  • JC 1 – Sunday 330 to 530 (Mr. Max)
  • JC 2 – Sunday 130 to 530 (Mr. Max)

  • Sec 3 – Thurs 415 to 615 (Mr. Joel)
  • Sec 3 – Monday 730 to 930 (Ms. Hazel)


  • Sec 3 – Sun 130 to 330 (Mr. Joel)

  • Sec 4 – Wed 4 to 6 (Mr. Joel)
  • Sec 4 – Wed 730 to 930 (Mr. Joel)
  • Sec 4 – Sat 230 to 430 (Ms. Hazel)
  • Sec 4 – Sat 230 to 430 (Mr. Joel)
  • Sec 4 – Sun 130 to 330 (Ms. Claire)


  • Sec 4 – Sun 330 to 530 (Mr. Joel)

  • JC 1 – Sun 330 to 530pm (Mr. Max)

  • JC 2 – Fri 630 to 830 (Mr. Max)
  • JC 2 – Sat 1130 to 130 (Mr. Joel)


  • JC 2 – Sunday 130 to 330 (Mr. Max)
"Is chemistry tuition necessary to get good grades?"

Definitely not! Not every student needs tuition lessons. In fact, having excessive tuition might increase a child’s stress. Ideally, every student will be able to manage exams by self studying. However, our education system is a one-size-fits-all system, and not all students can cope with the volume and difficulty of the MOE syllabus. The purpose of chemistry tuition is to provide additional support to students. In a smaller group setting, students are able to ask questions they cannot ask in a big class.

"Should I get home tuition or attend chemistry tuition classes at a tuition centre?"

There are pros and cons of each option. For home tutors, you get the flexibility and convenience of tutors coming to your place. This saves a lot of time for students. However, choosing the right tutor out of the thousands of available home tutors can be a hassle. At Bright Culture, we are committed for the long term, provide our proprietary notes and practice papers, and specialise in Chemistry. We are focused and determined to provide all the support that we can!

"Are your teachers qualified and experienced?"

There are thousands of tuition teachers around. I’m sure you’ve have hired some before. We only use the BEST TUTORS. There is no question about this and quality is something we never compromise on. We make sure that our teachers are highly qualified, experienced and know the syllabus well. Rest assured that your child is in very good hands.

Is your tuition centre location convenient?
Yes! Our Novena branch is conveniently located near Novena MRT. This means that if you are looking for chemistry tuition in places like Bishan, Toa Payoh, Yio Chu Kang and Ang Mo Kio, it is just a few MRT stops away! Our Siglap branch is also near places like Bedok, Tanah Merah, Tampines, Simei and Pasir Ris. There is free parking available in the private estates around our centre.

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