Mr Joel Liu has more than 12 years of experience and have successfully tutored many students over the years.

He attended some of Singapore’s top schools while studying in Secondary school and Junior College, before completing his degree in National University of Singapore (NUS). He is thus very familiar with the Singapore education system and what it takes to do well in exams!

He started tutoring students when he was only in Junior College, and from then he realised he had a gift for teaching. He continued teaching students during his National Service days and after graduation, he knew there was only one career for him. He started tutoring full time and has not looked back since. The joy of seeing his students improve continues to motivate him today.

Many parents continue to refer new students to him, which is a sure sign of his capabilities and popularity.

His students have scored very well and improved greatly after attending his tuition classes. Check out his student reviews here!

His secret to his teaching success?

“It’s all about building great relationships with the students! Once the students are comfortable with me, they will be naturally motivated to study hard for Chemistry.” Mr Joel Liu explained. “I make it fun and enjoyable for students. Going for chemistry tuition does not need to be boring! Students usually find it a chore to go for other tuition classes, but not for mine!”

*P.S – be sure to check out what goes on in his chemistry tuition lessons here!

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