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If You’re a Parent And Your Child Is Barely Passing O Level Chemistry and wants to get a head start,This Page Will Be The Most Important Thing You’ll Read Today:

Can My Child Improve from C6 to A1 for O Levels Chemistry, Even If They Are Barely Passing Now?

Get a head start with our chemistry crash course this November/December holidays!


Hi Parent! I’m Mr. Joel, Founder of Bright Culture

I have been teaching for more than 12 years and I have prepared more than 426 students for the O Levels.
The O Level exams will be here in a flash! From my experience, you need to start revising as early as possible. The syllabus just keeps increasing and students who start too late face incredible stress later.
The school holidays are CRUCIAL to make sure your child has the right foundations and get a head start over other students. Here are the common mistakes students make when they don’t have solid foundations. I’m VERY SURE your child makes these same mistakes too!
  • In the MCQ segment: Students don’t manage their time well for MCQs They only have 1.5 minutes for EACH question. If you are stuck, just SKIP it! Many students frequently get stuck at a difficult question, and don’t have enough time to solve the EASY questions behind!
  • In the Structured Questions segment: Lacking specific keywords in their answers which causes them to lose 5-10 marks each exam! Just write the specific keywords that examiners are looking for! Write longer answers instead of short 3-5 word answers!
  • In the Data Analysis segment: Students read the question and then go completely blur. They don’t even know which chapter the question is talking about!
  • Unaware of CRUCIAL chemical formulas that KEEP COMING OUT for exams!
  • Spending too little time on important topics like Mole Concept and Organic Chemistry.

You can get 3-5 more marks for EACH point above. Just by working on these 5 points, you can add up to 25 marks!! That’s 5 grades! That’s how my students improve from C6 to A1!

One Of My Students Even Improved From F9 to A1 In One Year! Even His School Teacher Couldn’t Believe It!


It’s definitely possible. Let me share with you how he did it.chemistry-tutor-singapore-teaching-enrichment-lessons

It’s All About MOTIVATION!

The one biggest factor is how MOTIVATED your child is! If your child is motivated, they will spend more time studying and less time using their handphones. They will not dread their Ten Year Series. They will not be dragging themselves to school and tuition.

They Will WANT To Study By Themselves! Even Students Who Previously HATED Studying Can Be Transformed.

This is why, I always spend time understanding my students. I need to understand what truly motivates them. Is it achievement? Is it competition with peers? Is it rewards like money or gadgets? This is thekey to success!
As students have a lot more time during the holidays, I find that the holidays are a great time for students to revise their school work and build their foundations.

I will be organising a Sec 3 /4 / 5  September Holidays Chemistry Crash Course to prepare students for chemistry and get a head start.

Who Should Attend Bright Culture’s Head Start Crash Course lessons?

This camp will be suitable for students who:

  • Did poorly and wants to do well for their exams
  • Wants to score and get A for O levels
  • Wants to start revising early and be prepared
  • Needs to revise the key chemistry concepts
  • Wants to learn the key words to apply during exams
  • Wants to know the mind maps and short cuts to use

I’ve carefully selected the key topics that are BOUND to come out for the O levels exams.

Why You Should Choose Bright Culture Over Other “Branded” Tuition Centres That Costs More Than DOUBLE What We Charge!

I founded Bright Culture to provide high quality and affordable education. That’s why we keep classes small instead of the mega 30-50 students per class that other “reputable tuition centres” have. This allows your child to ask questions freely. Our fees are also much lower than other “branded tuition centres”, as we are not located in expensive shopping malls. Rents in these malls can Our fees are also much lower than other “branded tuition centres”, as we are not located in expensive shopping malls. Rents in these malls can cost up to S$40,000 a month!! And guess who pays for the rental costs… YOU! Even though our teachers are highly qualified and are mostly ex-MOE tutors. Not part-time tutors that you see at other centres. We make learning easy for your kids by having proprietary notes and even our own Bright Culture branded stationery.

Bright Culture’s crash courses were even featured in the Straits Times.

What Your Child Will Get During This Chemistry Crash Course Camp (Hint: Tonnes Of Value)

  • Learn the 3 most common mistakes students make in exams and how to avoid them
  • Deep dive into topics that are SURE (CONFIRM 100%) to come out for O Levels
  • Learn how top students study, revise and ace their exams by studying smart instead of hard!
  • 15 to 25 packed and solid hours of teaching
  • Better understanding of tough chemistry concepts
  • Increased confidence!
  • More than 30 pages of proprietary, full colour and concise notes that you will SURELY CANNOT GET ANYWHERE ELSE. Some of my previous students just rely on my notes and threw away their textbooks!
  • Carefully selected practice papers that contains questions most likely to be tested! Make sure your child does this before taking their exams…
  • 150+ sample questions to make sure they are familiar with concepts
  • Motivational stories to INSPIRE them!
  • Clear all doubts about any concepts they don’t understand
  • Ask any questions they have

The Class Size Will Be Capped At 15 Students And Seats Are Filling Fast! If You Are Still Unsure, Look At What My Students Are Saying.

chemistry-tutor-jurong-singapore-crash-course tuition-teacher-singapore hazel-testimonial-1 tuition-centre-singapore



satisfied-parent-with-chem-teacher Happy parent with student and Mr. Joel

We Are So Confident Of The Value We Give, We Have a 100% Money Back – No Risk For You!

To make you and your child more comfortable, we have a money back for our camps. If you feel that my teaching is not up to expectations, let me know right after the first lessonI will refund you 100% of the camp fees. I do this to make sure every student and parent is happy and satisfied. *Terms and conditions apply.

Here’s our Nov/Dec Crash Course schedule.

All classes are conducted at our Novena location.

183B Thomson Road Goldhill Centre

Singapore 307628

3 minutes walk from Novena MRT

Crash Course Package:


ModuleTopicDate (Choose 1)Time
Module 1Chemical Bonding19th November

3rd December

10AM – 1PM
Module 2Acids and Bases20th November

4th December

10AM – 1PM
Module 3Mole Concept21st November

5th December

10AM – 1PM
Module 4Metals 122nd November

6th December

10AM – 1PM
Module 5Metals 223rd November

7th December

10AM – 1PM
Module 6Periodic Table26th November

10th December

10AM – 1PM
Module 7Energy Changes27th November

11th December

10AM – 1PM
Module 8Rate of Reaction28th November

12th December

10AM – 1PM
Module 9Salt Preparation29th November

13th December

10AM – 1PM
Module 10Chemical Analysis (QA)30th November

14th December

10AM – 1PM

Course Fees:

The last I checked, other “branded” tuition centres were charging MORE THAN DOUBLE THIS PRICE! (Why is it so expensive? The high rentals could be a reason…)

* Please note that 100% payment up front is required to confirm your seat.

Sign up now!


183B Thomson Road Goldhill Centre

Singapore 307628

5 mins walk from Novena MRT

If You Want Your Child To Succeed In O Levels Chemistry, It’s Time To Get Serious. Take Action and Sign Up Now.

Sign Up Now! (Seats Are Filling Fast.)

Here are our testimonials from parents, our tutors, and students!

Other subjects

    We also have Physics and Maths crash courses.
    2 subjects – 10% off both courses
    3 subjects – 15% off all 3 course fees
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