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O & A Level Chemistry Tuition Specialists in Singapore

Using Our Tried & Tested Learn F.A.S.T Method of Learning and Answering Exam Questions, 93.5% Of Our Students Improved By At Least 4 Grades!


6 Reasons Why Our Chemistry Tuition Has Worked Wonders For More Than 1031+ O & A Level Students From 50+ Schools in Singapore.

Results Oriented Lessons: We only have one goal, to help your child score their best for their exams. Every single lesson is designed for maximum effect to help our students ACE their exams.

Proprietary Notes: We know that students today are very busy with school activities, which is why we designed summary notes with key points of every chapter. Did we mention they are also full colour and no other centre has them? Students learn faster and absorb better with these notes!

Best Chemistry Tutors in Singapore: Our team is energetic, experienced and highly qualified. We have a stringent selection process to ensure only the best chemistry tutors teach at Bright Culture. All of them are full-time chemistry tutors and most are ex-MOE teachers. No wonder people call us the best chemistry tuition centre in Singapore! We’ve even been featured in the Straits Times many times.

Convenient Locations: With branches in Novena and Tampines located near to MRTs and convenient parking, it is easy getting to lessons. We also offer online chemistry lessons!

Recorded lessons: Our lessons are recorded and uploaded online for students to rewind and revise again if they have any doubts.

Whatsapp Support Chat: Got a question while studying at home or in school? Ask us in our Whatsapp Support chat!

Look at proof that our method and system works!

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O Levels Chemistry Tuition Programs in Singapore

Sec 3/4 O Levels "Chemistry Domination Program" for Pure / IP Chemistry Tuition

This program is specifically designed from years of experience to help pure and IP chemistry students DOMINATE the O Levels chemistry exams! Master chemistry in a structured and systematic way with only one goal in mind: Ace the O level exams!

This program is suitable for Secondary 3/4 students who are either struggling with Chemistry or want to secure their A1.

Click here to find out more!

Free Live 1 Hour Masterclass for Sec 3/4 students

We are conducting a FREE 1 hour Live session for Sec3/4 students. Sign up for our free online preview session here.

Due to COVID-19, we do offer online virtual lessons via Zoom. Now your child can access our classes anywhere!

Sec 3/4 Holidays Crash Course (Recommended) - Get a headstart for 2021!

Is your child too busy for chemistry tuition during the normal school term? This program is perfect for them. Use the holidays to get a head start for O Levels Chemistry with our intensive revision programs. Revise key topics and practice the exams. Suitable for Sec 3/4 students.

Click here to find out more!

Combined Chemistry Tuition for Sec 3/4 Students

Our Rock Solid Foundations Program is specifically designed to give Sec 3/4 Combined Chemistry students a head start. Get a firm understanding of chemistry concepts to prepare them for their upcoming tests and exams!

We are one of the few centres in Singapore that have dedicated classes for Combined Chem tuition. Your child will get the specific care to score in this subject!


A Levels Chemistry Tuition in Singapore

We have small group A Levels Chemistry tuition classes to prepare JC 1-2 H2 Chemistry students for their A Levels Chemistry exams. Chemistry Tutor Mr. Joel Liu and Mr. Ong will make learning chemistry fun and easy! He has guided many A Levels Chemistry students to success for their exams and their testimonials really show how much they appreciate his help. Click here to see our A Level Chemistry tuition schedule and locations.

Intensive Holiday JC Crash Course

Is your child too busy for chemistry tuition during the normal school week? This program is perfect for them. Use the holidays to get a head start for A Levels Chemistry with our intensive JC Chemistry Tuition revision programs. Revise key topics and practice the exams. Suitable for JC1 & JC2 students.


183B Thomson Road Goldhill Centre

Singapore 307628

3 minutes walk from Novena MRT

2021 Chemistry Tuition Schedule



  • Sec 4 – Tuesday 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm 
  • JC 2 – Tuesday 7.45 pm to 9.45 pm 


  • Sec 3 – Wed 6pm to 8pm 


  • Sec 3 –  Saturday 10 pm to 12 pm 
  • Sec 4 –  Saturday 12 pm to 2 pm 
  • Sec 4 – Saturday 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm 
  • JC 1 – Saturday 9.30 am to 11.30 am 
  • JC 2 – Saturday 12.15 pm to 2.15 pm 



  • Sec 4 – Sunday 1 pm to 3 pm



  • Sec 3 – Wed 6 to 8pm
  • Sec 3 –  Sat 10 to 12pm 
  • Sec 3 – Sun 1 to 3pm



  • Sec 4 – Tuesday 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm (Mr. Joel)


  • Sec 4 –  Saturday 12 pm to 2 pm (Ms. Rowena)
  • Sec 4 – Saturday 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm (Mr. Joel)



  • Sec 4 –  Sunday 1 pm to 3 pm (Mr. Joel)



  • JC 1 – Saturday 9.30 am to 11.30 am (Mr. Joel)



  • JC 2 – Tuesday 7.45 pm to 9.45 pm (Mr. Joel)


  • JC 2 – Saturday 12.15 pm to 2.15 pm (Mr. Joel)

If You Want Your Child To Succeed In O Levels Chemistry,It’s Time To Get Serious.Take Action and Contact Us Now.

Leave your details and we’ll contact you shortly! Our class size has a maximum capacity of 15 and seats run out very quickly.

Trial Lesson

We do offer trial lessons for students to try our lessons. Just pay for 1 lesson and see if we are the right fit for your child!


Look at the impact we made and the AMAZING improvement that our students displayed! We are really happy that after all the hard work they put in, they are enjoying the improvement in results! 

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Mr Joel was really patient and great at explaining the challenging concepts. He simplified concepts and made chemistry fun to learn. Mr Joel would also reply really quickly on WhatsApp to clear any doubts outside of class. I enjoyed my time in his lessons.

Cheryl Tan

Sec 4 (2019), Dunman Secondary School

Before joining Mr Joel’s class, I’ve always thought that Chemistry was a very daunting and difficult subject. However, Mr Joel is able to effectively give a big picture of the core ideas and concepts, and draw links from one to another, which has been very helpful in my understanding. He also provides clear explanations for the questions that I have, and goes out of his way to answer my queries outside of class. His notes are very concise as well! As Mr Joel is a very energetic and friendly teacher, the classes are never boring and I developed a greater interest in this subject. As such, with Mr Joel’s help, I managed to achieve an A for Chemistry in A levels! I highly recommend all who are having difficulties with Chemistry to join his class!

Win Yee

JC2 (2019), Victoria Junior College

Before joining Mr Joel’s class, I’ve always been struggling with chemistry — memorising notes without fully understanding them. Hence, failing to apply concepts properly during exams. However, after joining Mr Joel’s classes, my chemistry improved drastically from a C6 to an A2 in the recent O levels. Mr Joel patiently explains chemistry concepts in class and even uses acronyms and drawings to help us remember the concepts better. Not only that, he ensures that each and everyone of us understands what is going on in class no matter the class size, and welcomes any questions outside of class time! He’s also very energetic during classes which is why classes are never boring. I highly recommend joining his class if you’re struggling with chemistry!

Alethea Chua

Sec 4 (2019), check

Joel helped my daughter overcome her fear of Chemistry. She wasn't performing well in class and she lost her confidence to the point that she wanted to drop the subject. When my daughter joined Bright Culture in Feb 2019, her grades began to improve gradually. She found Joel very approachable during lessons and he gave very detailed explanations and examples that were also easy to remember. The notes provided were convenient materials for revision. Class was fun and he ensured every students understood the topics. I am glad that my daughter Kaiyasah heed his advice and did well for her O level exam. Kudos Bright Culture!.

Khadijah Jamaludin

Parent of Sec 4 Student (2019), check

It is a fantastic tuition centre and the lessons are easy to understand! You will learn the concepts easily by Mr Joel's teaching. Highly recommended.


JC1 (2020), check

I struggled with Chemistry a lot in JC and couldn’t keep up with the content taught in school. After attending Mr Joel’s lessons, I was able to understand the concepts much better and solve questions much more efficiently. I was also able to ask questions freely in his class and he would answer them patiently. Mr Joel is also a lively tutor who makes lessons much more enjoyable! Overall, I would recommend students who struggle with chemistry to join Bright Culture. Thanks to Mr Joel’s lessons, I managed to attain an A for chemistry in the A Levels!

Yen Hui Foo

JC2 (2019), Victoria Junior College

The tutorial-style lessons provided here allowed me to understand chemistry and practice effectively, which i found easier to remember and apply compared to other lecture-style tuition centre. The tutor is friendly and humorous, making the lessons interesting. I enjoyed attending his lessons and am thankful for his guidance, for i would not have achieved an 'A' for my chemistry A Levels without it.

Hong Xun Lim

JC2 (2019), St Andrew's Junior College

Before I joined Bright Culture under the supervision of Mr. Joel, I felt that Chemistry was a burden and I had no hope in it. However, through the weeks of lessons by Mr Joel, I gradually changed my mindset towards Chemistry and improved drastically.

Sherman Heng

S4 (2019), check

Before I joined Bright culture, chemistry was one of my worst subjects and I felt a sense of negativity towards it. But after a few weeks of tuition, I saw my chemistry grades improve to the point that I was top in my class and my attitude towards the subject improved too.

Tan Yong Jie

S4 (2019), check

I scored A2 for my o level science. I had been scoring either D7 or E8 for my chemistry before I met Mr Joel 6 months before my o level. His lesson is particularly fast-paced as he is using very short and brief explanations. It truly turns chemistry to be very understandable and easy. And also during the daily lesson, there are very frequent time-practice and quiz that Mr Joel provided for us as our daily schedule. Especially during the exam period, there are even more! Students are recommended to finish the paper on time or even in a shorter time. Step by step, our confident is built up and the anxiety of taking exam is alleviated, this is because we are used to finish the question within a shorter time and all becomes very “fast-paced”. I always feel very satisfied after having his lesson because we really make full use of the time.


Sec 4 (2018), check

Jumped 4 grades within few months of tuition! Mr Joel is very clear in explaining concepts and reinforces these concepts by giving us practices. I can clarify my doubts during tuition and I can understand better during lessons in schoo!


Sec 4 (2019), Tanjong Katong Secondary School

Mr Joel helped and guided me in chemistry. He was a teacher filled with a genuine passion for chemistry and was so patient with any questions that i had. He played a huge role in developing a love for chemistry in me. i went from a B4/C5 to an A1 in my O-Level Examination!


Sec 4 (2019), check

I have been with Bright Culture ever since I was a Secondary 3 student. I joined with initial grades of C6 - D7 but managed to gradually improve to a stable A grade, eventually attaining A2 for GCE O Levels. I went on to study in Victoria JC and have been fluctuating between B and C grades but with relatively high percentiles in the cohort. Made possible with colourful and concise notes from Mr Joel and also all the meticulously categorised questions by topics. I was fortunately able to clinch an A for GCE A Levels this year, 2019. Bright Culture has always provided the space for me to grow and learn instead of blatantly spoon feeding answers. Furthermore, the teachers from Bright Culture are always welcoming to students studying at the tuition centre in preparation for examinations. Mr Joel also replies to all my questions extremely quickly with comprehensive answers.

Claire Lim

JC2 (2018), check

I have never passed Chemistry before in JC but have Improved tremendously and got a B for As in the recent A level Examination.

Rakesh Ravindiran

JC2 (2018), check

My tutor (Joel) is very familiar with the concepts and is able to ensure all the students understand them as well as grasp the key points! A comfortable learning environment and the tutor has a good sense of humour so that's a plus point! Replies quickly and answers questions patiently when I text him about the topics that I was unsure of! (H2 chemistry grade jumped 4 grades).
Nurhusna Alifia

JC2 (2018), check

Mr Joel Liu

Chemistry Tutor

Mr. Joel Liu’s youthful exterior masks more than 14 years of tutoring experience. Having taught more than hundreds of students, he has developed unique techniques to engage, motivate and inspire his students to ace their examinations! Since graduation from NUS, he has been a full-time chemistry tutor and has since become one of the top chemistry tutors in Singapore. Seeing his students improve motivates him tremendously. During lessons, he is always figuring out what problems students have and how to best explain concepts to them! Some of his students improved from F9 to A1 in just 10 months even when they knew nothing about the periodic table before joining!

Click here to enquire about his class!

Ms. Rowena

Ms. Rowena

Chemistry and Physics Tutor

Many students and parents just like yourself have benefited from her 10 years of teaching experience. One of her students failed the Mid Year Exams badly, but managed to get A1 for the O Levels!

What makes Ms Rowena better than other teachers? She plans interesting and energetic lessons to excite her students, unlike other classes that are so boring, time just seems to crawl by. She asks stimulating questions to set minds thinking and truly understands tough concepts. Most importantly, she identifies the limitations of each student and helps them overcome their limitation to achieve a breakthrough. Imagine if you are just one small tip away from unlocking your potential!

She has a Bachelor of Business Administration from NUS and a Bachelor of Aeronautics Engineering. She then obtained 1st Class Honours in Masters in Aeronautics Engineering from Leeds University in the UK.

Mr Ong

Best Chemistry Tutor in Singapore

Mr. Ong is an ex-MOE JC lecturer who has more than 20 years of experience teaching chemistry in renowned Junior Colleges in Singapore.

He has also co-authored several assessment books that are sold nationwide in Popular bookstores. His humourous style of teaching has endeared him to his students, many whom have shown massive improvement after his lessons!

"Is chemistry tuition necessary to get good grades?"

Definitely not! Not every student needs tuition lessons. In fact, having excessive tuition might increase a child’s stress. Ideally, every student will be able to manage exams by self studying. However, our education system is a one-size-fits-all system, and not all students can cope with the volume and difficulty of the MOE syllabus. The purpose of chemistry tuition is to provide additional support to students. In a smaller group setting, students are able to ask questions they cannot ask in a big class.

"Should I get home tuition or attend chemistry tuition classes at a tuition centre?"

There are pros and cons of each option. For home tutors, you get the flexibility and convenience of tutors coming to your place. This saves a lot of time for students. However, choosing the right tutor out of the thousands of available home tutors can be a hassle. At Bright Culture, we are committed for the long term, provide our proprietary notes and practice papers, and specialise in Chemistry. We are focused and determined to provide all the support that we can!

"Are your teachers qualified and experienced?"

There are thousands of tuition teachers around. I’m sure you’ve have hired some before. We only use the BEST TUTORS. There is no question about this and quality is something we never compromise on. We make sure that our teachers are highly qualified, experienced and know the O & A level Syllabus well, be it organic chemistry, titration and alkenes and alkanes.. Rest assured that your child is in very good hands.

Is your tuition centre location convenient?
Yes! Our Novena branch is conveniently located near Novena MRT. This means that if you are looking for chemistry tuition in places like Bishan, Toa Payoh, Yio Chu Kang and Ang Mo Kio, it is just a few MRT stops away! Our Kembangan branch is right next to the MRT and near places like Bedok, Tanah Merah, Tampines, Simei and Pasir Ris. MRT Stations within 15 minutes of Kembangan MRT:

  • Pasir Ris
  • Tampines
  • Simei
  • Tanah Merah
  • Bedok
  • Eunos
  • Paya Lebar
  • Aljunied
  • Kallang
  • Lavendar

MRT Stations within 15 minutes of Novena MRT

  • Toa Payoh
  • Braddell
  • Bishan
  • Ang Mo Kio
  • Yio Chu Kang
  • Newton
  • Orchard
  • Somerset
  • Dhoby Ghaut
  • Botanic Gardens
  • Stevens
  • Little India
Which location should I attend?
Novena Branch – this would be the most convenient branch if you stay at these locations

  • Ang Mo Kio
  • Serangoon
  • Bishan
  • Toa Payoh
  • Hougang
  • Novena
  • Bukit Timah
  • Ponggol
  • Sengkang

Jurong BranchA�– this would be the most convenient branch if you stay at these locations

  • Jurong West
  • Jurong East
  • Clementi
  • Queenstown
  • Bukit Batok
  • Choa Chu Kang
  • Bukit Panjang

Woodlands Branch – this would be the most convenient branch if you stay at these locations

  • Woodlands
  • Sembawang
  • Yishun
  • Khatib

Tampines Branch – this would be the most convenient branch if you stay at these locations

  • Bedok
  • Tampines
  • Pasir Ris
  • Marine Parade
  • Kallang
  • Geylang
Do you offer online chemistry lessons during circuit break / Phase 1 / Phase 2?

We conducted online chemistry tuition lessons during the circuit breaker period, but has since opened up for regular classes. Should there be another circuit breaker period, we are well ready to switch back to online lessons.

Have your centre implemented Safe Management Measures?

We have closely followed MOE’s guidelines on Safe Management Measures to ensure our teachers and students are able to learn in a safe environment.

More information on the Safe Management Measures can be found here

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