Chemistry Tuition Classes

Want your child to get an advantage for the O Levels next year? Start preparing early! The holidays are the best time to catch up and revise as your children have a lot of free time. Be prepared for next year with our December O Levels Revision Camp. Class registration for 2018 has begun! Contact us to find out more!

We have small group tuition classes for Sec 3 – 5 Chemistry. Chemistry Tutor Mr. Joel LiuA�will prepare students to ACE their Chemistry exams. He has prepared very powerful notes to make Chemistry easy for our students.A�Click here to see a sample of our proprietary notes! With more than 10 years of experience, he will show students how to spot questions during their exams.A�Sign up for his classes now!

We have small group H2 Chemistry tuition classes to prepare JC 1-2 Chemistry students for their A Levels Chemistry exams.A�Chemistry Tutor Mr. Joel Liu and Mr. Yang will make learning chemistry fun and easy!A�See what he does during his lessons here!A�He has guided many A Levels Chemistry students to success for their exams and their testimonials really shows how much they appreciate his help.A�Sign up for his classes now