JC Chemistry Crash Course

JC Chemistry Head Start Crash Course

Didn’t Do So Well For Promos? Get a Head Start This Holidays!

The promos are an important milestone for students taking A Level Chemistry exams. For one thing, you are now much closer to the A Levels Chemistry exams in 2018!

It is VERY important to have rock solid foundations (especially in Acid Base Equilibrium and Organic Chem) as your stress levels will go SHOOTING UP. (Your school teachers are going to stress you and your friends will stress you too) There will simply be too many things to learn and not enough time as you get closer and closer to the exams. Believe me, it will be here in no time! (Even if it seems like there is a long way to go)

One of my students from Victoria JC improved from S to A after just a few months of hard work!


I know that for many of you, topics like Kinetics, Chemical Equilibrium and Acid Base Equilibrium are difficult to understand. Structured Questions are super tough too. Even MCQ. Aiya whole paper is super tough!

Don’t Worry. I Am Here to Help You This Holidays!

Just look at the results of some of my students.



Improvement-after-Chemistry-Crash-Course-J1 Improved-after-Chemistry-Tuition Chemistry-Tuition-Made-Interesting-Failed-Promos

If you work hard and make FULL use of your remaining time, you CAN achieve the grades that you want. It’s time to get started!

I am organising a H2 Chemistry Head Start Crash Course this holidays.

This is suitable for students who:

  • Don’t understand the main concepts in H2 Chemistry like Kinetics, Acid Base Equilibrium.
  • Cannot complete most questions in Past Year Papers (don’t even know how to start)
  • Confused over how topics are connected, especially in Organic Chemistry.
  • Worried that you will not have enough time to finish studying
  • Did not do well for Promos
  • Too busy with CCAs to revise tutorials
  • Too tired during school to pay attention during lectures

What you will get during this A Level Head Start Chemistry Crash Course:

  • Increase your confidence in tackling Chemistry questions
  • Know the right way to break tough questions down into easier portions
  • 6 packed and solid hours of teaching
  • Concise notes that you will SURELY CANNOT GET ANYWHERE ELSE.
  • Carefully selected practice papers that contains questions most likely to be tested! Make sure your child does this before going exams
  • Sample questions to make sure they are familiar with concepts
  • Motivational stories to INSPIRE you!
  • Clear all doubts about any concepts you don’t understand
  • Ask any questions you have
  • Learn all the tips my top students use to ace their exams

Money Back – No Risk For You!

To make you more comfortable, we have a money back for our camps. If you feel that my teaching is not up to expectations, let me know right after the first lesson. I will refund you 100% of the camp fees. I do this to make sure every student and parent is happy and satisfied.


Location: 183B Thomson Road Goldhill Centre. Singapore 307628 (5 minutes walk from Novena MRT)

Time: 10am to 1pm
Module 1:
22nd Nov or 30th Nov (Choose one)
Chemical Equilibria
Acid Base Equilibria
Module 2:
24th Nov or 2nd Dec (Choose one)
Organic Chemistry

Course Fees:

Each day will cost $148. If you sign up for both days, the Crash Course will cost a total of $288.

Early Bird Special!

Sign ups 2 weeks before start of the course will get a special $50 discount, for a final price of $238! * Please note that 100% payment up front is required to confirm your seat. Payment details to follow.

Sign Up Now!

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I would personally address any concerns you might have.
Please call me at 96979822 or email me at [email protected]

Class size is capped at 12 students.

Hurry sign up as seats are limited!

* Please note that 100% payment up front is required to confirm your seat. Payment details to follow.