“Bright Culture Chemistry Domination Program”

If your child is taking O Levels Chemistry this year, it is time to join our “Chemistry Domination Program”!

It is a structured 10 week program every term that gears your child up for SUCCESS in Chemistry.

When your child joins the program, you can be assured that every topic will be covered thoroughly.

Why You Should Join The Chemistry Domination Program

  • Structured, systematic and organized approach to exams! No stone left unturned.
  • Make sure every student is fully equipped, prepared and relaxed for the exams!
  • Systematically go through every topic topics that are SURE (CONFIRM 100%) to come out for O Levels
  • Learn how top students study, revise and ace their exams by studying smart instead of hard!
  • Better understanding of tough chemistry concepts
  • Increased confidence in handling chemistry exams!
  • More than 40 pages of proprietary, full colour and concise notes that you will SURELY CANNOT GET ANYWHERE ELSE. Some of my previous students just rely on my notes and threw away their textbooks!
  • Carefully selected practice papers that contains questions most likely to be tested!
  • Hundreds of sample questions to make sure they are familiar with concepts
  • Motivational stories to INSPIRE them!
  • Clear all doubts about any concepts they don’t understand
  • Ask any questions they have – many students don’t have the opportunity to ask their teachers questions in school!

Term 4 Chemistry Domination Program: Schedule and Topics

Runs from 4th January to 14th March.

10 weeks in total.


2Air Pollution
4Salt Preparation
5Chemical Analysis
7Energy Changes
8Rate of Reaction
9Periodic Table

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