Teaching Philosophy

Student Centered Teaching

We place our students at the centre of our lessons. We always ask ourselves: Which Chemistry concepts do students find difficult? How can we explain it clearly and simply? Is there a better way to present this to our students? We aim to impart life long learning skills as learning does not stop even after O & A Levels exams!

Interest and Inquiry Based Learning

By simplifying tough concepts, students will find it easier to complete their school home work and score better in their exams. This will give them greater confidence and they will gain interest in the subject. We encourage our students to ask questions so that we can answer their doubts. Students that prepare questions before coming to class learn more effectively!

Results Focused Lessons

Our parents and students place great importance on exams and we understand their concerns. A big part of our Chemistry Tuition lessons consists of exam preparation and we conduct drills to ensure students are adequately prepared for major examinations. We have sample exam papers that test how prepared they are for their O levels and A Levels examinations.