Our late Prime Minister Lee Kwan Yew, who will be greatly missed.

“If I have to choose one profession in which you give the most for the least, it is probably teaching – if you take it seriously.

You have to have the temperament for it to coax, to stimulate, to cajole, to discipline a young mind into good habits. You must have an aptitude.”

Mr Lee Kuan Yew 1966

Here at Bright Culture, we definitely find this statement extremely true. As such, we only hire the very best chemistry tutors to work with us.

Teaching is hard work, and teachers are often undervalued and overworked.

Watching videos of Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s speeches has been truly inspirational. His wisdom and intellect are clear for all to see. But what strikes me most is his passion.

Passion for his country and his family. It was this passion that gave Singaporeans everything they have right now. Everything that we take for granted was just a fantasy 50 years ago.

Thank you for giving your life for Singapore.

Thank you for putting us on the map in so many ways.

Thank you for everything.


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